Mach Diamond History

1998 Inception

Mechanical design consulting: PTC (1999-2002 CAD consulting), SCP Global (1998-2001, semiconductor equipment), NextRx (2001, pharmaceutical equipment), Logitech (2002, phone accessories), HP (2002, printing), Vulcanamps/Enron (2003-04, power plant), Northrop Grumman (2005, Global Hawk).

2006 Phase I SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) contract (Missile Defense Agency).
2007-2008 Blaine Wright was the lead designer of MKV program at Rocketdyne. Mach Diamond provided three additional design staff members to the program.
2009-2010 Phase II SBIR contract (Missile Defense Agency).
2011 Hot-fire test series for Northrop Grumman, Rocketdyne.
2011-2013 Phase II Enhancement contract (Missile Defense Agency).
2013 Hot-fire test series for Plasma Processes, Missile Defense Agency.
2014 Hot-fire test series for Mach Diamond (self-funded development).
2013-2021 Design consulting for Class One Technology (semiconductor plating equipment).

Mach Diamond Accomplishments

  • Thruster development (two generations)
    • Low-cost/high-performance:
      • Injector
      • Bipropellant valve
      • Thrust chamber
      • Acoustic cavities
    • Proved thrusters with MON25/MMH and NTO/MMH
  • Test facility
    • Test cell, control room, lab, assembly area (high-bay)
    • Bipropellant test stand
    • Data acquisition system with 3.3 million samples/sec
    • Proprietary control/data acquisition software
      • Includes table-driven redline cutoff system for all channels
    • Procedures, safety equipment, propellant handling
  • Design, fab, and hot-fire test services for outside customers